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Германська філологія

14.Compare and contrast male and female roles in a society.

Males and females have similar but at the same time different functions in a society. For instance, males are more interested in performing physically tough activities like, working in heavy industries, and defense services while females perform tasks like raising children, cooking, embroidery and so on. The female role as it has been taught is to be loving, caring, nurturing, to be patient, and to express feelings openly. The role of a female in society is to become married, stay home, take care of the children, clean the house and cook. In most households the female is the one who runs the house. She makes sure the children are taken care of, she helps them with whatever schoolwork they have, she helps with the problems they have, and she cleans up after the family. The male role as it has been taught is to be the man of the house, the provider for the family and to keep his emotions to himself. He usually supplies the family’s livelihood and if the female makes more money then it is a problem.To sum up, even though males and females have learned to play these roles from a young age, their obligations are usually divided.

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