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Women in Business


студентка групи 1803

Усенко Юлія


Шанаєва-Цимбал Людмила Олексіївна

Київ 2020
Do the following exercises:
Fill the gaps with some, any or no.

  1. I need some sugar, some flour, some eggs, some butter and milk to make a cake.

  2. There is some butter in the fridge, but there isn`t any milk.

  3. Are there any eggs? – There aren`t any eggs left.

  4. We haven`t got any flour.

  5. To make cabbage soup I need some cabbage, some Onions, some Carrots, and some salt.

  6. I don`t need any plumps or any pineapples.

  7. I need to buy a lot of things. There isn`t any time to waste.

  8. Oh, dear! There is no money in my purse.

  9. There are no pictures in the book.

  10. Are there any New students in your group?

  11. There are some old houses in our street.

  12. Are there any English textbooks on the desks? – Yes, there are some

  13. Are there any maps on the walls? – No, there aren`t any

  14. Are there any pens on the desk? – Yes, there are some

  15. Are there any sweets in your bag? – Yes, there are some

  16. Have you got any English books at home? – Yes, I have some

  17. There are some beautiful pictures in the magazine.Look at them

  18. There is no ink in my pen: I cannot write.

  19. Is there any paper on your table?

  20. I haven`t got any Exercise books.

Ex .2

1.Give me some, water, please.

2.It is winter. There are no Leaves on the trees.

3We haven`t got any milk.

4Bob always likes some sugar in his coffee.

5He wanted some Bread.

6They haven`t got any stamps.

7He has got some money.

  1. There are no Schools in this street.

9Are there any pictures in your book?

10There are no flowers here in winter.

11I can see some children in the yard.

12The are playing. Are there any new buildings in your street?

13There are no people in the park brcause it is cold.

14I saw some boys in the garden, but Mike was not among them.

15They brought some good books from the library. Give me some Tea, please, I am thirsty.

16Do you want some Milk in your coffee?

17Have you got some Time to spare?

18I`d like to ask you any Questions.

19Is there any Cheese on the plate?

20 There is some Ham on the plate.

Do the following exercises on-line (Exercise 1)

We need some bananas.

You can't buy any posters in this shop.

We haven't got any oranges at the moment.

Peter has bought some new books.

She always takes some sugar with her coffee.

I have seen some nice postcards in this souvenir shop.

There aren't any folders in my bag.

I have some magazines for you.

There are some apples on the table.

Pam does not have any pencils on her desk.
Do the following exercises on-line (Exercise 2)

These (person) people are protesting against the president.

The (woman) women over there want to meet the manager.

My (child) children hate eating pasta.

I am ill. My (foot) feet hurt.

Muslims kill (sheep) sheep in a religious celebration.

I clean my (tooth) teeth three times a day.

The (student) students are doing the exercise right now.

The (fish) fish I bought is in the fridge.

They are sending some (man) men to fix the roof.

Most (houswife) housewives work more than ten hours a day at home.

Where did you put the (knife) knives ?

On the (shelf) shelves .

(Goose) Geese like water.

(Piano) Pianos are expensive.

Some (policeman) policemen came to arrest him.

Where is my (luggage) luggage?

In the car!

Write down the correct form of the plural:

city - cities .

house - houses .

boy - boys .

family - families.

life - lives .

photo - photos .

phone - phones.

sandwich - sandwiches.

nurse - nurses .

elf - elves .

phenomenon - phenomena .

criterion - criteria .

village - villages .

toy - toys.

Do the following exercises on-line (Exercise 3)

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