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V. 1. Complete the chart below with the information from the list.

Peugeot Benetton container ship operator American Express French

Japanese Italian drug and chemical maker drinks supplier


Main activity


Cisco Systems

Internet equipment supplier


Bacardi Martini


Car manufacturer

Travel and financial services provider




Clothing manufacturer


Electronic goods maker

AP Moller-Maersk


2. Make sentences about the companies. For example

Cisco Systems is an American IT company which supplies internet equipment.

3. Now talk in the same way about one of the companies you know.

Past simple and present perfect
Answer the questions about the sentences below.

1. She has worked in Warsaw for six years.

  • Does she work in Warsaw now?

2. She worked in London for three years.

  • Does she work in London now?

Which sentence uses the past simple? Which uses the present perfect?
We use the past simple:

  • to talk about completed actions which happened in the past.

Example. They worked last weekend to meet the deadline.

  • to refer to a definite moment or period in the past.

Example. They made the presentation on Monday.
The present perfect connects the past and the present. We use the present perfect:

  • to talk about past actions that affect us now.

Example. Our company has just introduced flexitime and everyone’s delighted.

  • to talk about life experiences.

Example. I’ve worked with many companies during my life.

  • to announce news.

Example. The CEO has appointed a new management team.

    1. Cross out the incorrect sentence in each pair.

  1. The role of women changed dramatically over the past 100 years.
    The role of women has changed dramatically over the past 100 years.

  2. He has worked as a Sales Manager since 1999.
    He worked as a Sales Manager since 1999.

  3. I resigned two months ago.
    I have resigned two months ago.

  4. Sales have increased in recent years.
    Sales increased in recent years.

  5. Have you ever been to a stress counsellor before?
    Did you ever go to a stress counsellor before?

  6. I have seen the Marketing Director last week.
    I saw the Marketing Director last week.

II. Write the time expressions from the box under the correct heading.

so far two years ago ever in 1999 yet just yesterday

for the past two weeks already never last Monday during the 1990s over the last few years since 2001 when I was in the university

Past simple

Present perfect

  1. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the subjects below.

    • attend a conference

    • travel abroad on business

    • be late for an important meeting

    • make a presentation

    • make a telephone meeting in English

    • go on a training course


A: Have you ever attended a conference? B: Yes, I have.

  1. Correct the grammatical mistakes in these sentences.

        1. What means market niche?

        2. How much it cost?

        3. Why you don’t sell it?

        4. When it must be finished?

        5. Did you went to the fair last week?

        6. Is coming your boss tomorrow?

Text 1

  1. Before reading the text about Philips, decide whether you think these statements are true or false.

  1. It is the world’s second biggest electronics company.

  2. It has produced over 100 million TV sets.

  3. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam.

  4. It was the first company to produce compact discs.

  5. It is active in a small number of specialised businesses.

  6. It provides the lights for famous landmarks such as London’s Tower Bridge.

II. Read the text and check your answers.

The Philips Story

The foundations of the world’s biggest electronics company were laid in 1891 when Gerard Philips established a company in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to manufacture light bulbs and other electrical products. In the beginning, it concentrated on making carbon- filament lamps and by the turn of the century was one of the largest producers in Europe. Developments in new lighting technologies fuelled a steady programme of expansion and, in 1914, it established a research laboratory to stimulate product innovation.

In the 1920s, Philips decided to protect its innovations in X-ray radiation and radio reception with patents. This marked the beginning of the diversification of its product range. Since then, Philips has continued to develop new and existing product ideas like the compact disc, which it launched in 1983. Other interesting landmarks include the production of Philips’ 100-millionth TV-set in 1984 and 250-millionth electric shaver in 1989.
The Philips Company

Philips’ headquarters are still in Eindhoven. It employs 256 500 people all over the world, and has sales and service outlets in 150 countries. Research laboratories are located in six countries, staffed by some 3,000 scientists. It also has an impressive global network of some 400 designers spread over twenty-five locations. Its shares are listed on sixteen stock exchanges in nine countries and it is active in about 100 businesses, including lighting, monitors, shavers and TV-sets; each day its factories turn out a total of 50 million integrated circuits.
The Philips People

Royal Philips Electronics is managed by the Board of Management, which looks after the general direction and long-term strategy of the Philips group as a whole. The Supervisory Board monitors the general course of businesses of the Philips group as well as advising the Board of Management and supervising its

policies. These policies are implemented by the Group Management Committee, which consists of the members of the Board of Management, chairmen of most of the product divisions and some other key offices. The Group Management Committee also serves to ensure that business issues and practices are shared across the various activities in the group.
The Philips Creed

The company creed is ‘Let’s make things better’. It is committed to making better products and systems and contributing to improving the quality of people’s work and life. One example of this is its ‘Genie’ mobile phone. To dial the number you just have to say it aloud. Its Web Internet terminal brings the excitement of cyberspace into the living room. And on travels around the world, whether passing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, walking across London Tower Bridge, or witnessing the beauty of the ancient pyramids of Giza, you don’t have to wonder any more who lit these world famous landmarks. It was Philips.

  1. Read the story again. Why are these dates important?

  1. 1891 2. 1914 3. the 1920s 4. 1983 5. 1984

III. Find the figures in the story that correspond to the following pieces of


  1. The number of people working for Philips worldwide

  2. The numbers of countries with sales and service outlets

  3. The number of countries where Philips has research laboratories

  4. The approximate number of scientists working in Philips’ research laboratories

  5. The number of integrated circuits produced every day

  1. Match the words from the text with their corresponding definitions.

1. innovation a. a planned series of actions

2. patent b. main offices

3. diversification c. a place or address

4. a range d. the introduction of a new idea

5. headquarters e. a selection or series

6. a location f. making different types of products

7. a strategy g. an agreed course of action

8. a policy h. the right to make or sell an innovation

  1. Replace the words in bold with the words used in the text.

  1. Gerard Philips set up a company in Eindhoven.

  2. The company initially specialized in making carbon-filament lamps.

  3. Developments in new lighting technologies fuelled a steady plan for growth.

  4. In 1983 it introduced the compact disc onto the market.

  5. Each day its factories produce a total of 50 million integrated circuits.

  6. Royal Philips Electronics is run by the Board of Management.

  7. The Supervisory Board carefully watches the general course of business.

  8. Policies are put into practice by the Group Management Committee.

  9. The Group Management Committee consists of members of the Board of

Management and chairmen of the production sectors.

10.The Group Management Committee serves to ensure that important

matters and ways of business are shared across the company.

  1. Complete the passage using words from tasks IV and V in the correct


The key to Philips success can be described by two words. The first is

........(1); the company designers are continually developing and creating new

products. The second is ........(2); Philips is active in about 100 businesses

varying from consumer electronics to domestic appliances and from security

systems to semiconductors.

With such a wide .........(3) of products the company needs a complex system

of management. Each product .........(4) has its own chairman; most of these

chairmen are members of the Group Management Committee, which ........(5)

all company decisions and plans. The Supervisory Board ........(6) the general

business of the group and it also advises and supervises the Board of


VII. Translate the first part of the text into Russian.

  1. Answer the questions.

1. What is Philips?

2. What are the main landmarks of its history?

3. Where is Philips’ headquarters located?

4. What are the main characteristics of the Philips Electronics at present?

5. How is the company run?

6. Why has Philips become the world’s biggest electronics company? What

are the reasons?
IX. Render the text in English.
X. Tell about a successful company you know using the questions from task

VIII as a plan of your story.

  1. Translate into English:

1. Транснациональная компания Зодиак предоставляет работу 100 000

людей в Европе, Америке, Юго-Восточной Азии.

2. Головной офис этой компании, производящей одежду, расположен в

г. Сиэтл, США.

3. Отдел маркетинга сейчас занимается исследованием заграничных


  1. Слабый спрос на новую продукцию отрицательно повлиял на

денежный оборот.

5. Компания быстро расширяется: в прошлом году объем продаж вырос

на 30%.

6. Наши конкуренты собираются выпустить новый продукт на рынок

через 2 месяца.

7. Филипс Электроникс - это действительно успешный брэнд, в котором

сочетаются качество, стиль и забота о покупателе.

8. Исполнительный директор несет ответственность за всю

деятельность компании.

9. Сеть ресторанов МакДональдс известна во всем мире.

10.Доля рынка компании постоянно растет благодаря тому, что она

предлагает полный ассортимент косметической продукции.

Text 2
I. Before reading the article, answer the questions.

  1. How can manufacturers guarantee product quality?

  2. Which companies make the best domestic appliances?

II. Read the article and match the headings to the correct paragraphs. One

of the headings has been done for you.

  1. Company strategy

  2. Focus on detailed testing

  3. High costs: increased reliability

  4. Looking to the future

  5. Manufacturing at home ensures quality

  6. Loyalty for product that lasts

Miele Focuses on Old-Fashioned Quality
1. Company strategy

At a time when life is really tough for manufacturers in the developed world, Miele’s strategy for survival is to break almost all the rules. The German company, a global leader in high-quality domestic appliances such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners, is known for its high manufacturing standards and its refusal to move down-market and compete on price.
2. …

Miele bases nearly all its manufacturing in high-cost Germany. Rather than outsource to low-cost suppliers, it makes 4 million electric motors a year in its own plant. Keeping the manufacturing base in the company’s own plant is essential to maintaining its quality standards. Sales last year were 2.3 billion euros.
3. …

The company sells appliances ranging from dishwashers to coffee machines, at a price which is up to 70% higher than the price of the competitors. It spends 12% of the revenue on product development. Miele’s attention to detail is legendary. Ovens are tested using machines that open and shut their doors 60,000 times to simulate the use they will have in the kitchens.
4. …

Even though Miele’s manufacturing costs are higher than those of its competitors, these are justified by its ability to produce appliances that people want to buy despite their high prices. About 50% of the costs come from components it makes itself compared with 30 % for other companies. But most Miele’s appliances will work for 20 years, which is longer than their competitors’ products. This is linked to the reliability of individual parts.
5. …

Miele once had a letter from an old lady in Eastern Germany. She said she didn’t have much money bur she was ready to pay 50% more for a Miele washing machine because she knew it would last for the rest of her life. Such feelings are common. The company has built a tremendous loyalty among consumers who know that the brand stands for quality.
6. …

Miele faces a tough few years as it tries not only to keep ahead of competitors at the top end of the white goods market but also to interest new generations of cost-conscious consumers in buying machines that are the equivalent of luxury Swiss watches, only in terms of kitchens.
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