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A. Hello, ____ ____ ____ (1) to Andrea, please?

B. ____ ____ (2) she’s not here at the moment. Can I ____(3) a

____(4) ?

A. Yes, please . ____ ____(5) Jacques from Intec. ____ (6) you ____ (7) her

I won’t be able to ____ (8) the training course on Saturday. She can

____(9) me ____ (10) if there’s a problem. I’m ____(11) 0191 498 0001.

B. OK. Thank you. Bye.
IV. Listen to the third call again. Underline each phrase the speaker uses.

Dave Hi, John. Dave here.

John Oh, hello, Dave. How are things? / How are you? (1)

Dave Fine, thanks. Listen, just a quick word / quick question. (2)

John Yeah, go ahead.

Dave Do you think you could give me / let me have (3) the fax number for

Workplace Solutions? I can’t get through to them. Their phone is

always busy / engaged (4).

John I’ve got it here / right in front of me (5). It’s 020 7756 4237.

Dave Sorry, I didn’t hear / catch (6) the last part. Did you say 4227?

John No, it’s 4237.

Dave OK. Thanks. Bye.

John No problem. / Don’t mention it (7). Bye.
V. Study the Useful language box below. Then role play the telephone calls using it.
Useful language

Making calls

Could I speak to Tim Rose?

Yes, this is Ernesto Badia from KMV.

I’m calling about …

Could you tell him/her that I rang?

Could you ask him/her to call me back?

Receiving calls

Who’s calling, please?

Could you tell me what it’s about?

I’ll put you through.

Can you hold?

I’m afraid there is no answer/he isn’t in at the moment. Can I take a message?

VI. Translate the dialogue into English.

- Доброе утро! Компания ВТС. С каким отделом вас соединить?

- Я хотел бы поговорить с Камерон Диаз из отдела кадров.

- Подождите минутку. Я вас соединю.

- Добрый день. Отдел кадров.

- Здравствуйте. Это Камерон Диаз?

- Слушаю.

- Я звоню по поводу Вашего объявления в «Новостях карьеры». Вы не могли

бы выслать мне бланк заявления?

- Конечно. Пожалуйста, назовите ваше имя и адрес.

- Меня зовут Бен Ганн….

The Interview (Total English Pre-Intermediate Film 9)
Before watching

I. Discuss.

  1. Have you ever watched any training videos? If yes, what was their purpose? Were they successful?

  2. In what situations are training videos typically used

II. If you make a training video to help people prepare for the job interview,

which of the following points will you include?

  1. make a good first impression

  2. wear appropriate clothes

  3. be enthusiastic and self-confident

  4. find out about the company you are applying to

  5. relax before you go in

  6. have some questions to ask the interviewer

  7. other points (say what)

III. What style of presentation would you use?

  1. someone talking to the camera and explaining what to do

  2. presenter asking people in the street their opinion

  3. examples of good and bad real interviews

  4. another style (say what)

IV. Match the compound nouns 1-5 with a-e and the verb-noun collocations

6-10 with f-j.

  1. IT a. line

  2. market b. policy

  3. after-sales c. programme

  4. customer care d. share

  5. product e. skills

  1. make f. a deal

  2. deal in g. products

  3. sell h. a profit

  4. close i. a sales team

  5. motivate j. retail technology

After watching

VI. Watch the film and make a note of (a) which of the points from task II it

included and what style of presentation it used.
VII. Answer the questions.

  1. Why is Steve so nervous?

  2. Does Steve know a lot about the company? Why/Why not?

  3. What is the most important part of the interview?

  4. Does the security camera help Steve?

  5. Why, according to the security camera, is Steve the ideal candidate?

  6. What does the company sell?

VIII. Complete the questions the camera asks Steve. Watch the film again to

check your answers.

  1. What do you know about the … ?

  2. How much … did the company … last year?

  3. How big is their … … ?

  4. What do you know about their … … ?

  5. What about their …-… policy? The … … programme?

  6. They deal in … …, but exactly what sort of … do they … ?

  7. Do you feel … ?

IX. Discuss.

Do you think it’s a useful training video? Why/why not?

Fast-track Inc.

Fast-Track Inc., based in Boston, US, sells corporate training videos and management training courses. Fast-Track is looking for a new Sales Manager for its subsidiary in Warsaw, Poland. Fast-Track advertised the vacancy only inside the company as it believes in offering career opportunities to its staff.

The subsidiary’s recent sales results were poor. Sales revenue was 30% below target. The reasons are:

  • Sales representatives are not motivated and staff turnover is high.

  • The previous manager had no clear strategy for developing sales in the area.

  • Very few sales contracts were made.

A new appointment

There are three candidates for the position.

They all already work for Fast-Track either in Boston or in Poland. The successful candidate will be based in Warsaw. Here is an extract from the job description for the position.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • developing sales, achieving results and increasing customer numbers

  • managing the sales team so that it is more motivated, dynamic and effective

He / She will be:

  • a natural leader

  • energetic, confident and outgoing

He/She will have

  • strong sales ability

  • organizational and interpersonal skills

  • a good academic background and suitable experience

  • numeracy skills and ability to handle administration

  • linguistic ability

The position will involve frequent travel throughout the region.

Profiles of the candidates
Read the essential information about each candidate. Then listen to the interview extracts (Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Recording 1.6, 1.7, 1.8).

Barbara Szarmach

Polish, aged 30

Education: Finished secondary school. Diploma in Marketing.

Experience: Has worked for Fast-Track as a sales representative since leaving school. Has a good knowledge of computing.

Achievements: Has had the best sales results of the team during the last five years. Languages: Excellent Polish and Russian. English – good vocabulary but not very fluent.

Interviewer’s comments: Very strong personality. Energetic and confident. Sometimes appeared aggressive during the interview. Will she be a good team player?

Tadeusz Vaida

Polish, aged 52

Education: University degree (Engineering)

Experience: Wide experience in a variety of industries. Joined Fast-Track five years ago as Regional Manager for the south of Poland.

Achievements: Has been fairly successful, increasing sales by 12% over the five-year period.

Languages: Fluent Polish and English.

Interviewer’s comments: Very calm and relaxed, he moves and talks slowly. A hard worker. He never leaves the office before seven in the evening. Not creative but happy to get ideas of the creative members of a team. Current staff thinks that he is practical and reliable.

1. Work in groups. You are members of the interviewing teams. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Decide who to select for the vacant position. Note down reasons for your choice.

2. Meet as one group. Discuss your choices, Decide who should fill the vacant position.

Eva Rheinberger

German, aged 42

Education: University degree (History)

Experience: Over 15 years as a sales representative in Germany, the US and Poland. Joined Fast-Track a year ago. Achievements: A good sales record in all her previous jobs. In her first year with Fast-Track her sales results have been satisfactory.

Languages: Fluent English, German and Polish.

Interviewer’s comments: Quiet but knows her own mind. Rather nervous at the interview. Might be good at team building, but would probably depend too much on other people. Likes administration. Didn’t seem to have many ideas about the future of the company.


Complete this memo from the head of the interviewing team to the Sales Director of Fast- Track. See Writing File.

To: Sales Director
From: Head, Interviewing team
Subject: Appointment: Sales Manager.

Central and Eastern Europe
Dear Liz,

We recently interviewed three candidates for this position.

We have decided to appoint ….

I will briefly describe the candidate’s strengths and explain the reasons for our decision. …



  1. Vocabulary

  1. asset

  2. board

    • Board of Directors

    • Board of Management

  1. buy out

  2. CEO – Chief Executive Officer

  3. client

  4. company

  5. compete

  • competition

  • competitor

  • competitive

  1. consumer

  2. customer

  3. customer care

  4. chain

  5. creed

  6. debt

  7. department

  8. ensure

  9. expand

  • expansion

  1. go bankrupt

  2. head office

  3. headquarters

  4. implement

  5. keep ahead (of)

  6. launch

  7. maintain

  8. Managing Director

  9. manufacture

  • manufacturer

  1. merge (with)

  2. multinational

  3. outsource

  4. parent company

  5. outlet

  6. patent

  7. performance

  8. profit

  9. produce

    • producer

    • product

    • production

  1. product range

  2. quality

  3. reduce

    • reduction

  1. retailing

    • retailer

  1. respond (to the needs of smb.)

  2. reliable

  • reliability

    1. run (a company, a business)

    2. sales

    3. set up (a company, a business)

    4. share

    5. share price

    6. stock exchange

    7. subsidiary

    8. take over

    9. turnover

    10. warehouse

    11. workforce


  1. Which of these companies would you like to work for? Why?

1. a family owned company

2. a multinational company

your own company ( be self-employed)

  1. Which of the business sectors would you like to work in? Can you name a company in each sector?

Telecomminications / Media Transport

Engineering IT / Electronics

Retailing Food and drink

Construction Pharmaceutical

Tourism Other

Banking and Finance


  1. Complete with the verbs from the list (some verbs are used more than once).

advertise be become export go have import

make manufacture market merge set up take over

  1. ........ a company ( start )

........ a product

........ on TV / in the press

........ a product ( sell using advertising )

  1. ........ successful

........ a profit

........ to another country

........ from another country

........ the market leader

........ another company

........ with another company

  1. ........a loss (lose money )

........ debts (owe money )

........ bankrupt

........ out of business

  1. Match the words from the list and their corresponding definitions.

a business / company a chain a client a colleague a customer

a competitor the ( Managing ) Director an executive

the manager a multinational the owner the staff

  1. ........ an organisation which produces or sells goods or provides a service

  2. ........ a company that has offices or factories in many countries

  3. ........ a group of shops, hotels, etc. owned by the same person or company

  4. ........ the person who owns a business

  5. ........ the group of people who work for a particular organisation

  6. ........ smb. who receives a service from a professional person ( e.g. a lawyer )

  7. ........ a person who buys goods or services, e.g. from a shop or a restaurant

  8. ........ a person, company or product that is trying to do better than the others

  9. ........ a person who works with you

  10. ....... a person who has an important position in a company

  11. ....... the person who manages or controls a company or an organisation

  12. ....... the person who is in charge of part of an organisation

  1. Complete the sentences with the words and phrases from the list.

subsidiary turnover warehouse profit staff share price

head office outlet market share
1. The amount of money a company receives from sales in a particular period is

called its ........ .

2. The money a company makes after taking away its costs is its ........ .

3. A company which is more than 50 % owned by a parent company is called

its ........ .

4. A ........ is a building for storing goods before distribution to retailers.

5.The employees in a particular country or business are called the ........ .

6. The main building or location of a large organisation is its ........ .

7. An ........ is a shop where a company sells its goods.

8. The cost of company’s shares is its ........ .

9.The percentage of sales a company has in a particular market is its ........ .

  1. Complete the extract from a company report with some appropriate

words or phrases from task III.

I am pleased to say the company has continued its excellent performance.

We are changing, growing and doing well at a difficult time for the industry.

........(1) was million euro, an increase of 15 % on last year, and ........ (2)rose by

5 % to 6.4 million euro.

We are a highly competitive business. We have increased our ........(3) to 20 %.

Consequently our ........(4 )has risen and is now at an all-time high of 9.6 million


Increased production and strong demand have had a positive effect on our

cash flow, so we are able to finance a number of new projects. We have

successfully moved to our new ........(5) in central London. We are now

planning to start full production at the recently opened Spanish ........ (6) in


Finally, thanks once again to our loyal and dedicated ........(7) . Our employees

will always be our most valuable asset.
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