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Self study № 7   Direct speech. Indirect speech: reporting statements.

Ivanchenko Nazar

Group – Ipz- 20007b

Task 2.

Let's practise. Rewrite quotes in reported statements

1) She said that she likes volleyball.

2) Tom said that the river is the longest.

3) Pam said that she would come to me.

4) He said that he had been watching TV.

5) They said they would play that day.

6) Liz said that Nora was writing a test.

7) They said they had gone to the zoo the day before.

8) I said that Nick had brought a turtle.

9) Kate said that Ben would arrive the following day.

10) Alex said that it was hot in Italy then.

11) Mona said that they had three lessons that day.

12) Nick said that Alex draws beautiful animals.

13) Sandra said that had to study better.

Task 3.

Read the speech bubbles and complete the reported statements

1) She said that she would buy a new pink dress for wedding ceremony.

2) He said that he was going to give a concert in a big city in England.

3) She said that she got up early in the morning and had a breakfast with omelette and juice.

4) He said he didn`t work anymore because he is retired.

5) He said that he was very happy because he and his wife were going to have a baby.

6) She said that her son went out and played with his friends in the playground.

7) She said she wouldn`t drink coke because it`s dangerous for her health.

8) She said that she would be happy if her husband bought her a sports car.

9) She said that she worked as fortune teller and travelled around the world.

10) He said that he was a sheriff but he didn`t knew how to catch robbers.

11) She said she had to leave then because she had a lot of housework to do.

12) He said that his daughter was going to fly to Florida for a business meeting.

Task 4. Put in ‘said’ or ‘told’

1) said

2) told

3) told

4) said

5) told

6) said

7) said

8) told

9) told

10) said

11) told

12) said

13) said

14) said

15) told

16) said

17) told

18) said

19) told 20) told

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