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Фрагмент уроку з навчання діалогічного мовлення

Мета: Навчити учнів діалогічного мовлення за темою “Family Holidays”

Обладнання: підстановка таблиця
Eтап 1. Навчання реплікування

Мета: 1) навчити учнів реагувати на подану репліку,

2) відповідати реплікою на репліку,

3) вчити продукувати ініціативну репліку,

4) вчити учнів ставити і відповідати на питання.

Прийоми: вправи на підстановку, на підстановку з опорою, на самостійне вживання мовного зразка, відповіді на запитання
T.: There are a great number of holidays during the year. But many people consider their birthday to be the most favourite.

a) T. I like to celebrate my birthday very much. And you?

P.1: I like to celebrate my birthday very much too.

P.2: I like to celebrate all holidays. And my birthday as well.

P.3: And I don’t like to celebrate my birthday.

b) I like to have a lot of guests at my birthday party. And you?

P.1: I invite only my close friends.

P.2. I like to have a lot of guests at my birthday party too.

c) T.: People can celebrate their birthday at different places: at home, in café or in restaurant or to have some picnic in the park. As for me, I prefer to celebrate my birthday in the café. And what about you?




d) You know, my close friend will soon celebrate her birthday. And I can’t make up my mind what present buy for her. She has plenty of hobbies: she likes singing, dancing, reading, listening to the music. She also goes in for sport and visit theatre with pleasure. Give me a piece of advice what present to chose for her.

P.1: You should buy her a book.

P.2: Oh, it’s better for you to buy a compact disk with her favorite music.

P.3: No, buy her ticket to the theatre.

е) T.: Recall your last birthday. What were you presented with? Did you like your presents? Ask about it your desk-mate.

P.1: What were you presented with at your last birthday?

P.2: I was presented with a mobile phone. And you?

P.1: And I was present with an encyclopedia. Did you like your presents?

P.2: Yes, I did. And you?

P.1: Me too.

Етап ІІ. Оволодіння ДЄ

Мета: навчити учнів самостійно вживати різні види ДЄ

Прийоми: робота в парах

  1. Your desk-mate and you were invited for the birthday party to your close friend Mike. You want to buy a present. Tell your desk-mate about your suggestions concerning the present and he/she should share his/her ideas.

P.1: I think we should buy a ball for Mike.

P.2: I think we should buy a ball too.

or No, we should buy disk with music for him.

b) If you choose one present suggest going and buying it. If your tastes differ discuss what will buy each of you.

P.1: If you and I want to buy a ball for Mike, let’s go to the shop and buy it.

P.2: Ok. With pleasure.


P.1: If you want to buy a disk with music for Mike than you should go to the shop in the center of the city.

P.2: Thank you. And where will you buy a present.

P.1: Probably in the shop with sport goods.

Етап ІІІ. Об’єднання ДЄ у мікродіалоги

Мета: навчити об’єднувати засвоєні ДЄ у мікродіалоги на основі підстановчої таблиці

Прийоми: прослуховування мікродіалогу, створення власного мікродіалогу за підстановчою таблицею.

T.: a) Listen to the talk between two friends.

-I will have my birthday next Friday.

-Oh, my congratulations. And how old are you?

-I will be 12 years old.

-And are you going to have some party?

-Yes, I will invite all my friends and classmates to my place and have a party.

-Oh, that’s nice. I wish you to enjoy it.

-Thank you.

b) Make up your own dialogue using the table

-Hi. I know you had you birthday yesterday/on Monday/last week/two weeks ago.

-Yes, you are right. It was a great party.

-Whom did you invite?

-I invited my relatives/friends/classmates/neighbours. In general 5/10/15/20 people came.

-And where did you celebrate it?

-I celebrate my birthday at home/in the café/in the park. And I’ve got a lot of presents.

-And what presents did you get? Probably sweets/books/videogames.

-Yea, you are right. I’ve got sweets/books/videogames and also chess/ball/chocolate.

-Did you enjoy your birthday?

-Yes, it was unforgettable time.

Етап IV. Створення власного діалогу на основі запропонованої комунікативної ситуації.

Мета: навчити вести діалог-розпитування у типовій комунікативній ситуації.

Прийоми: робота в парах, продукування власного діалогу.

T.: Work in pairs and make up your own dialogues.

P.1: Recently you have celebrated your birthday. Share your impressions. Answer your friend’s questions.

P.2: Your friend has recently had a birthday. Ask him questions about his birthday party: how many guests came, who were they, who helped to organize the party, what he was presented with.

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