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Norway is a country of patriots. Therefore, you should study the history and traditions of this country and express positive thoughts about the nature, people and achievements of Norway. But, remember: there should be no hint of flattery and falsehood in your statements, as modesty and restraint in emotions are respected in Norway.

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In conducting business, Norwegians are frank and consistent. They are reliable partners who always fulfill their obligations and expect the same from others. They are wary of those they do not know. But they can take a risk and start a business relationship if the potential partner enjoys general trust.

Norwegians love openness. And it is very important to remember this. Closedness and self-absorption can embarrass others. It can also cause irritation.

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Negotiations in Norway are more like a friendly meeting. Outwardly, this is reminiscent of a nice conversation over a cup of tea, but it is important to be able to show and tell in an unobtrusive way - what business you came for, but not too seriously, but also not to relax.

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In Norway, business meetings start on time. If you happen to be a few minutes late, call your partner to explain why and ask for an appointment for another time.

Completion dates are strictly adhered to. Norwegians quickly lose interest in business partners who do not meet their obligations on time.

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Men may have a looser style than when meeting Germans, French or Spaniards, but you must come to the first meeting in a suit. Women should always wear a suit or dress to meetings.

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