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My favorite type of traveling.

We know a lot by type of travel, by plane, by liner, by ship, by train, car, bus and others, but for special circumstances - the lack of means for more comfortable movement, or even the lack of need to travel and change your location, each of them has your preferences.

At the moment of my life, basically I travel only from my hometown to Kiev to study and only by train. And this type of movement is very boring, every time the same thing, a lot of strangers who sometimes even interfere with sleep, in the compartment there is always someone eating food that smells very bad and generally feel like a mouse under observation.

It’s another matter when I was little, about the age of thirteen, it was that age when trips to the sea and other cities with a large family were especially popular. And for these trips we had a suitable transport - a minibus. We, young children, were sent a place for luggage, there we were laid a plaid and we could observe a beautiful view from the rear window and periodically sleep. During the trip, we could stop and enjoy the wildlife that surrounded the uninhabited areas, sometimes instead of a banal quick lunch in the car, we went out and had a picnic in the fresh air and continued to go further and further. Due to the fact that the car was larger, absolutely everything fit there. At the time of the movement, we loudly sang songs for the entire minibus, played cards, listened to music, and it was especially pleasant to sleep on a soft blanket. Therefore, there would be a choice how to travel, I would prefer only this kind, it is the most comfortable, sincere and cheerful.

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