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Спеціальність 075 «Маркетинг» Семестр шостий

Навчальна дисципліна «Професійна іноземна мова (фахова)»

  1. Complete the sentences with a/an, the, or nothing (-)

  1. Pierre Omidyar, (1)…………… French-Iranian computer scientist, invented eBay in (2) ……….. California in 1995. He wanted to create (3) …………. website for everybody to buy and sell (4)…………. things, not just big businesses. He started (5)………….. website as (6)………….. hobby, but now it is (7)………… biggest business in (8)…………. world!

  2. There was (9)…………. Old Learjet for sale! (10)………… famous film star paid (11)………… lot of money for it. (12)………….. film star who bought (13)………….. Learjet collects (14)………….aeroplanes.
    1) a 8) the
    2) - 9) an
    3) a 10) a
    4) - 11) a
    5) the 12) the
    6) a 13) the
    7) the 14) -

  1. Complete the text with the words and phrases from the box.

raw materials


social interaction


labour costs

customer profile






styles of management

A company’s marketing department should decide what type of person will buy their product and have a (1)___________ _____________ or description of consumer in mind. Then they can design their advertisements. A good (2)__________________ should describe the (3)___________________ or characteristics of the product as well as the (4)____________________ or advantages of buying the product.

The price of a product depends on various factors. Production costs are affected by the availability of (5)_________________, or workers and the availability of (6)____________________, or the things needed to make the goods. How much the company has to pay the workers, or (7)_________________, is another factor, and also the amount the government charges the company in (8)_________________.

The people who work for a company, or the company’s labour force are the company’s most important asset. Many different things motivate people to work, such as (9)__________________ or money, (10)_________________ or the position they have in the company and society and the opportunity for (11) ___________ ___________ and to meet other people. Different people like different things, and the way managers treat employees, i.e. their (12)______ ____ __________ can be very important.


  1. Match each word with the correct definition.

  1. strategy

  1. founded

  1. SWOT analysis

  1. jobs where people do or provide something rather than produe something

  1. troubleshooting

  1. a large shop with many departments or sections – each department sells a different type of goods

  1. established

  1. shopping from home by choosing goods from company’s catalogue

  1. mail order

  1. an analysis of company’s situation

  1. door-to-door sales

  1. one of a group of shops owned by the same company

  1. services

  1. shopping from home via the internet or by tv shopping channel

  1. retail outlet

  1. a shop which only sells one type of product, usually of high quality

  1. profit margin

  1. the difference between how much it costs to produce goods and the price the consumer pays for them

  1. supermarket

  1. plan

  1. ‘remote’ shopping

  1. an agent for the company sells the product or service to the customer

  1. specialist retailer

  1. shop

  1. department store

  1. solving problems

  1. chain store

  1. a large self-service shop selling different brands of everyday goods

1) j 8) l
2) e 9) i
3) m 10) n
4) a 11) g
5) d 12) h
6) k 13) c
7) b 14) f

  1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets

  1. Peach Computers is much _____________(young) company than Calculo Machines .

  2. But it has had ____________(fast) growth in recent years.

  3. It is now slightly ____________(big) than Calculo.

  4. Calculo’s sales organization isn’t as _______________(competitive) as Peach’s.

  5. Pasta dishes are the _________________(popular) ready meals.

  1. Choose the correct option

  1. Have you got some/ any information about marketing policy?

  2. Somebody/anybody has used my files.

  3. Therefore I can’t find something/anything/nothing.

  4. I didn’t talk to much/many people.

  5. I only talked to a little/a few people.

  6. Did someone/anyone ring when I was out?

  7. We are trying to cut down on hotel bills, so now our executives can’t stay somewhere/anywhere/nowhere that costs more than $100 a night.

1) any

2) somebody

3) anything

4) many

5) a few

6) anyone

7) anywhere

  1. Fill in the gaps with only one suitable word.

Selfridges is based in Oxford Street and (1)_________ London’s second largest department (2)_________ after Harrods, (3)__________150,000 m2 of retail space. In the 1990s (4)_______ store experienced some problems (5)________ its image because people thought it was old-fashioned. (6)________ solve the problem, Selfridges invested $50m to re-establish the business (7)_________one of the capital’s main shopping attractions.

1) it is
2) store
3) the retail space is
4) the
5) with
6) to
7) as

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