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If you like to eat and cook, if you like good food, you have to try Ukrainian cuisine. During many years our moms and grannies were cooking some dishes and many of them became traditionals. There are borscht, potato vareniki, holubtsi and some others.
My favorite dish is borscht. It’s a soup with beetroot, potato, carrot and onion. There is nothing special there, but every housewife has the own secret of cooking. My family also cooks this soup sometime and we put some garlic and tomato sauce. When my friends come to visit me my mom often offers them borscht. By the way they love it a lot.
The other my favourite dish is potato vareniki. If you've read 'Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka' by Nikolai Gogol, you surely remember how one of the characters ate vareniki with sour cream that flew into his mouth by themselves. Of course, traditional Ukrainian vareniki don't have such super skills, but their taste is sure to make you think of the Ukrainian cuisine's magic.

Holubtsi is another national dish. My granny is so good in cooking it. The ingredients are very simple: mixed meat of pork and chicken, rise and cabbage. This dish is good to cook if you have guests. Because holubtsi are well fed. I like to eat holubtsi with sour cream.
There are also many national drinks: gorilka, kvas, ryazhenka and baked milk. Gorilka is a home-made vodka. I have never tried it and honestly I don’t really want. I love kvas and ryazhenka a lot.

I think we can learn culture and traditions through the cuisine.

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