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Healthy lifestyle
1.Read the text. learn new words:
Hard, a disorder, to realize, harmful, important, to get overweighed, to go jogging, an adult, to walk, a habit, to destroy, forget.
Different people have different lifestyles. Some of them do not think very hard if their styles healthy or not. But some time later, when people face health disorders and consult doctors, they start realizing their habits and tastes.

What is really a healthy lifestyle?

Very often we hear and read about a balanced diet nowadays, because it is very important. We should eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Forget about fast food forever! It is extremely dangerous and harmful for our health. It is the main reason of getting overweighed and having stomach diseases. During a day a person should drink from one to two litres of water. Doing sports is very useful.

If a man cannot go to a swimming pool or gym, he should do morning exercises systematically, go jogging or cycling at least three times a week. If you want to feel energetic in the morning take a walk to school, if it is not very far from your house. You should also get enough sleep. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep to feel well next day. As for teenagers, 8-9 hours will be enough to be active.

Different stressful situations and harmful habits shorten our life. We should try to have only positive emotions.

Smoking and drinking alcohol destroy our organism very much. Especially it is of great danger for teenagers.
2. What kind of lifestyle can people have? (dangerous, creative, active, healthy, exciting, relaxing, busy)

An alpinist has...lifestyle.

A painter has... lifestyle.

A sportsman... lifestyle.

A rock guitarist has... lifestyle.

A person, who often listen to classical music likes... lifestyle.

A manager has... lifestyle.
3.Correct grammar mistakes:

People lives a different lifestyles.

We eats more fruit and vegetables. 3.Does you go in for sports?

4.If you do not go swimming you can jog or cycle. 5. Do everybody need to eat healthy food?

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