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Grammar Revision

Language focus 1:

1.collect, supply, assemble, reduce, deliver

Language focus 2:


2.zero conditional: if+ present simple tense+ present simple tense

First conditional: if+ present simple tense+ will future tense

Second conditional: if+ past simple tense + (would+infinitive)

4. 1.when 2.if


6.1.provided that, 2.unless, 3.in case


Vocabulary and Grammar

1.consumer, manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, retailer, e-tailer


3.safety, social, health, child, outlets, customer, transport, carrier, storage

1.reduce, supply, collect, assemble, deliver

1.1.takes(0), 2.will discuss(1), 3.works(0), 4.would be(2), 5.will set up(1), 6.incurred(2), 7.would not have(2), 8.maximize(1)

2.If they don’t deliver in time, we will look for a new supplier.

If employees need a bicycle, we give them one.

We will allocate more resources to production, in case there is a problem with transport.

If I followed the instructions more carefully, it would be easier to assemble.

Provided that they meet our standards, we will look into working with them.

If a supply-chain function well, it saves a lot of company’s money.

If we made the benefits of our distribution system clear for customers, they would be more satisfied.

Unless they stop using child labour, we will cancel our contracts with them.

3.provided that, in case, unless, if, unless, when, provided that, when

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