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Дата: 17.03.2023

  • Good evening! Welcome to the Jojo restaurant. Will you be alone?

  • Hey, yes. I prefer to dine alone

  • Have you booked a table?

  • No.

  • Would you prefer a table in smoking or non-smoking area? 

  • Non-smoking please, I hate the smell of stinking cigarettes.

  • This way, please

  • Thanks.

  • Here is your table and the menu. I'll be back for 10 minutes to take your order.

  • Okay, but try to quickly. Time is money.


- I finally waited for you. What would you advise me?

  • Chef’s masterpiece – roast chicken and potatoes. That's really delicious. Улюблена страва наших гостей – восьминіг приготовлений на грилі, подається на бобах з цибулею, що карамелізується, запеченим червоним перцем і каперсами (заміню на наші страви із меню)

  • Hm… Chiken sounds good but I wanna another garnishes. Is it possible?

  • Yes, sure. Would you like rice?

  • Nice, thanks a million.

  • What would like (to order) for dessert?

  • No

  • Can I get you something to drink? 

  • Sparkling water, but I drink only Borzomi.

  • I’m really sorry but we haven’t this one. Maybe something else?

  • No. So could I have the bill, please?

  • Will you pay cash or by card?

  • By card.


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