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1. You forgot to call John last night. - I hurried home. - But you started -

called him, didn't you? - Yes, I called, but he did not want to talk. 2. He didn't

work here two years ago. He lived in another city. 3. How long did you spend

in London last year? - Two months. - And this year? - Three weeks. 4. He studied English

at school. 5. She finished work by seven o'clock in the evening. 6. He used to live in the

city center. He recently moved. 7. Last year he lived in Africa. 8. Were you at home on

Tuesday morning? - No, I was not. I was in the office. - An interesting show was shown on TV. - I

watched it yesterday on video. My wife recorded it for me. 9. They got married

last month. 10. Yesterday was great weather. - And it rained all day.


1. She lived in England for four years. She left two months ago. - Did she

like England? - So much. 2. When did Tom return from London? - Four days ago

. - And who went to Liverpool? - John. "He's been there before, hasn't he?" - Yes, there was

. - Was it twice last year? - No, never. 3. Where did you live six years ago? - In Lon -

don. I went to college. I lived there for four years and then left. 4. The weather was

good, and the children asked their mother to take them to the park. They've been going there a lot lately

. 5. Did you like the movie? - So much. I have not seen such an interesting film for a long time.


1. Six years ago, John was a chemistry student. He studied at College in Manchester. Classes began at eight o'clock and he usually got up very early. He went to the pool in the morning and worked in a coffee shop in the evening. He spent a lot of time in college, meeting friends often. Before coming here, he worked at school. He married this spring. At first, they temporarily lived with his parents, and then moved. 2. Did you see him last week? - Yes, in the theater. His children were too. - And I heard he left. 3. Have you been to France? - Yes, it happened. I've been there twice. - And I've never been . Last year I was going, but did not go. 4. He calmed down - called her in the morning. Invited to dinner. He waited for her at the restaurant until six, and she didn't come.

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