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1 There are two types of health service in Ukraine.

2 They are social and private services.

3 The social health service is free of charge.

4 Public hospitals suffer from the shortage of skilled doctors and old equipment.

5 We can go to private clinic if we don’t want to stand in a queen queue.

6 The prices in private clinic are high.

7 The need to pay for all manipulations in private clinics and the chance of being deceived by doctors are the main disadvantages of private clinics

8 The majority of people choose free of charge social medical service.

9 Yes, there are good and bad points in private and state medical system.

1 Freshman was laughed at by the senior students.

2 The headmistress was spoken to by the group yesterday.

3 Babies were looked after by young mothers with great care.

4 That old house wasn’t lived in.

5 Jim was sent for and was told to prepare a report on the subject.

6 Our friend was thought about all the time.

7 He will be operated on in a week.

8 Pupil’s parents were sent for by the teacher.

9 The newspapers were looked for everywhere.

10 The bed wasn’t slept in.

11 The telegram was asked for by neighbors.

12 The lecture was listened to with great attention.


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